JDRF is the world’s largest nonprofit funder of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research.​

Throughout its 50 year history, JDRF has transformed understandings of the condition and been a part of every breakthrough in T1D care. Driving innovation, demanding action and standing with everyone facing life with T1D. ​

JDRF's Vision? A world without type 1 diabetes.

Progress made so far

JDRF Australia's advocacy led to all Australians now having access to subsidised continuous & flash glucose monitors, life-changing T1D management technology.

In the last decade, JDRF has invested in over 70 research projects in Australia with a focus on curing, treating or preventing T1D.

The number of T1D clinical trials and studies has doubled in Australia, involving over 7,000 people

JDRF have been involved in every stage of the discovery and FDA approval of the treatment for T1D in more than 100 years, Teplizumab, that can delay the progression of T1D if it is administered in the early stages of T1D

JDRF is leading the way in T1D research in Australia and globally. Currently they are investing in: - 56 T1D research projects in Australia totalling over $86 million - 397 research projects internationally, totalling over $473 million

Over 2500 insulin pumps have been provided to those with T1D since the introduction of the Insulin Pump Program in 2008, making the technology accessible to those who can not otherwise afford it.